Prepaid fares - How does it work?

Choose a prepaid amount when requesting a taxi

1. You accept a prepaid fare from the notification

The prepaid amount will show on your fare notification (ranges $10-$40).

The driver gets the money automatically (if on time)

2. The prepaid $ transfers automatically (if on time)

The prepaid amount is automatically transferred your PayPal account when you reach the pickup location within 10minutes

You pay the balance when exiting the cab

3. Customer pays the balance due when exiting your cab.

You deduct the prepaid amount from the fare. The customer pays the balance with usual forms of payment.

What are the benefits of prepaid fares?

The obvious benefit is that you won't waste your time and money with customer no-shows: at a minimum you will get the prepaid amount as long as you show up on time (even if the customer does not show up).

The less obvious benefit is that customers who prepay are customers who show up. The huge majority of people won't want to see their prepaid dollars go to waste by hailing a random Taxi and leaving before you show up.

...and that's why we call prepaid fares the No-Show Killer!

How do I get the money I earned from prepaid fares?

  • If the email address you used to signup with Taxi Mojo is linked to your PayPal account, your prepaid dollars will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account after 48hrs.
  • If you don't have a PayPal account, you will need to create one with the same email address you used when signing up with Taxi Mojo.
  • If you want to use an existing PayPal account under another email address, you will need to add the Taxi Mojo email address to your PayPal account.

After creating a PayPal account or adding your email address to an existing account, you will need to notify us at, so we can transfer your Taxi Mojo balance to your PayPal account the first time (on subsequent prepaid earnings your money will automatically transfer to PayPal).

Why do customers choose to prepay?

Because they want faster & more reliable service. As a driver servicing a prepaid fare, you have every reason to reach the pickup location within the time limit so you will cash-in on the automatic prepaid amount - even if you encounter flag opportunity on the way.

How does Taxi Mojo make money?

We charge customers an additional fee for prepaid fares.

We don't charge drivers, however drivers pay for the PayPal transaction fee, which is similar to credit card fees ($.30 + 2.9%, or just about $0.60 for a $10 prepay). For more information, see the PayPal web site

The customer prepaid $20, but the meter is only $15!

That's OK, the customer won't be expecting change back on the prepaid amount (prepaid fares protect you against customers who call you up for a 2-blocks ride).

Why is the time limit always between 9 and 10 minutes?

The timer starts when the customer sends the fare: unless you are first in-line for receiving the fare, the timer will typically be a little less than 10 minutes by the time it gets to you.

What if the customer cancels the fare?

The prepaid amount is automatically transferred to your account as long as your projected time of arrival is within the time limit. In other words, you get paid as long as you do your part.

What if...?

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