What is Taxi Mojo?

Taxi Mojo is a mobile Taxi marketplace: we match up Taxi orders with local drivers and we provide real-time status updates to both drivers and passengers.

We thrive to help you be as productive as you can be, so you can walk away from your shift with more money in your pocket every day.

Who can use Taxi Mojo?

Any legitimate Taxi Driver with an iPhone (running iOS 4+) or an Android phone (running Android 2.2+) can signup. It's free and you will get your share of dispatch calls, direct from customers. You'd be crazy to not try it, because there is simply no downside.

Taxi Mojo is for Taxi Drivers only. The license agreement prohibits usage by sedan and limo drivers.

How do I signup?

Install the Taxi Mojo app on your iPhone or Android phone, and let the application guide you through the signup process.

How does it work?

After a Taxi Mojo passenger places his/her order from the mobile app or online, we broadcast the fare to you, the drivers, starting with the closest driver with the best reputation.

If you are the first driver to accept the fare, you will be given detailed pickup information. The passenger will be able to track you on his/her screen while you are en route.

We will send a 'Taxi Ready' notification to the passenger once you are in the immediate vicinity (about 1 block from the the pickup location), so your customer can get ready to meet you.

Something isn't working right!

For Taxi Mojo to work properly, it must to be connected to the internet over 3G or 4G, and your phone's GPS must be able to provide street-level accuracy.

We have a nice page describing how to set up your phone to make the most out of Taxi Mojo; these recommended settings are particularly useful if your Taxi Mojo screen sometimes fail to change to completed status after you reach the pickup location.

If you have any outstanding questions, don't hesitate to send us an email

I have some questions about Prepay

We have a page dedicated to questions about prepay

Any question we left out?

Just go ahead and ask, we're always happy to help...and curious to know what's on your mind.