Hunting for cabs? It's easy! Just point your smartphone's camera in any direction and discover live taxis (and Taxi stands), conveniently laid over the camera's view. Click on any item and get additional info.

Taxi Mojo® and junaio® have teamed up to provide you with an easy and intuitive way of discovering Taxis in San Francisco using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

  • Discover taxis & taxi stands around you in your viewfinder by simply pointing your phone
  • View all detailed information regarding the taxi or taxi stand.
  • View taxis and taxi stands in map and list view

Junaio is a mobile Augmented Reality Browser created by metaio available for free download in the iTunes App Store and Android market.


Installation instructions:

  1. Download junaio from the iTunes App Store and/or Android Market.
  2. Search for the Taxi Mojo channel (in text search bar)
  3. Point your phone around and start discovering!